Saturday 20 June 2015

Unbeatable Prices !!

  Heavy Duty Materials Used !! Can't be bought in the shops...

All prices listed are per 2 metre panel excluding VAT

Railings listed are for 40mm x 8mm top & bottom rail. 12mm / 16mm solid round or square infill bars
All Railings are zinc phosphate primed & sprayed black matt . Choose a railhead design from our standard railhead section, all railings come complete with a free fixing kit & touch-up paint.

Standard railheads
Size 400mm -
900mm high
Size 900mm –
1000mm high
Size1000mm –
1200mm high
16mm square infill
£180 delivery included
Choice of railheads from standard batch
£190 delivered
£200 delivered including posts

12mm square infil
£160 delivery included
Choice of railheads
from standard batch
£170 delivered
£220 delivered including posts
16mm round infill
£170 delivery included
Choice of railheads
from standard batch
£180 delivered
£190 delivered including posts
12mm round infill
£150 delivery included
Choice of railheads
from standard batch
£160 delivered
£210 delivered including posts
Ball top railings
16mm round
£170 delivery included
£180 delivered
£210 delivered including posts
balltop 12mm round
£150 delivery included
£160 delivered
£190  delivered including posts

Please click on images to enlarge.

Price list is for railings from our standard railhead section. For bespoke designs or heavier material please call us on 02082262169 or via the contact form below.
If installation is needed, please call for additional charges

All Prices Exclude VAT


Areas Covered
Barking Barnet Bexley Brent Bromley Camden Chelsea Dulwich Chiswick City Of Westminster Croydon
Ealing Enfield Fulham Greenwich Hackney Hammersmith Harrow Havering Hounslow Islington Kensington Kingston Lambeth Lewisham Mitcham Merton Newham Redbridge Richmond Southwark Sutton Tower Hamlets Wandsworth Waltham Forest Wimbledon

Are Metal Driveway Gates Right for Your Property?

Are you looking for an affordable way to add both security and curb appeal to your property? If you are tired of being vulnerable to trespassers and want to install some type of fencing that acts as a barrier to your property, a metal driveway gate might be just what you need. Metal driveway gates are customizable and convenient. There are many different types of gates on the market to choose from, but purchasing metal gates might be the best option to consider.

If you are not quite sure if are needed on your property, here are a few questions to consider:

Do You Need More Security?

If there is no barrier between your property and the curb, it might be time to make security a priority. You need to protect you property and make it more difficult for trespassers to gain access. Any type of barrier that you put up acts as a deterrent for criminals and thieves. This type of protection is affordable, but it is effective in making your property much more secure. Driveway gates provide protection that lasts for generations. The best part about metal gates, apposed to timber gates is that, although they provide great protection, you can also still see through. This means that you can keep an eye on the outside of your property, even though you do have protection.

Do You Want to Add Value?

Many homeowners are looking for affordable ways to add substantial value to their property. Having a metal driveway gate installed is a great way to not only make you property more secure, but also to add value to your property. Metal driveway gates look great and add curb appeal that potential buyers are looking for. Not only can you get great use out of your driveway gate, but it can be a potential selling point for your property in the future. What more could you ask for?

Do You Want a Gate That Lasts?

There are numerous types of driveway gates that you can choose from, but durability is really important. You need a gate that is built to last and will withstand wear and tear. Metal is a durable material that makes for a great investment for your property. You can rest assured knowing that your metal gate will last and not need to be replaced in the near future. 

Friday 19 June 2015

Benefits of Metal Driveway Gates

Benefits of Metal Driveway Gates for Your Home or Business

Metal driveway gates are becoming more common as time goes by and are now much more customizable than ever. Metal driveway gates are becoming the preferred option for many homeowners that are looking for gates and fencing that is affordable, stylish and functional. Driveway gates are available in many varieties, from wrought iron estate gates to smaller driveway gates and security gates. Whichever you are looking for, metal gates and railings can be the perfect addition to your property and are an excellent alternative to the standard wooden picket fence.

Here are some reasons why people opt for metal driveway gates for their home or business:


Metal is a material that offers durability and strength that will stand the test of time if treated correctly. It is important to view your purchase of any driveway gate as an investment for your property. You want it to last and withstand the wear and tear and exposure to the elements, that all gates have to endure over time. Metal gates are specifically designed to offer a level of durability that is unmatched. If your driveway experiences heavy traffic, electric wrought iron driveway gates are the perfect choice. 

Security and Protection

If you want a barrier between your property and the outside, metal gates can be a great choice. Metal gates are often used for security purposes because, steel is extremely durable and is not easy to penetrate. It provides a barrier, but does not block your view or take away any light. This makes it much more difficult for unwanted individuals to make their way onto your property. If you want protection against trespassers of any kind, it is a great idea to have a metal driveway gate installed. It also offers security for those that have small children or pets.

Increase Property Value

Not only is a metal gate a great investment, but it will also add to the value of your property. Curb appeal is something that is taken into consideration by future buyers. Having a metal driveway gate not only makes your property more secure, but also makes it more visually appealing to others.